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Welcome to Miss Priss Cupcakes! From the moment you enter Miss Priss Cupcakes, you will feel something wonderful and unique is going on. Family owned and operated since 2008. Our cupcakes and frostings are made fresh daily! You have our commitment that we are dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best!

Miss Priss also takes pride in supporting the community! Our families were born and raised here in Long Beach and we all attended and graduated from LBUSD like our parents before us and our kids are now. We love our city, we love what we do and we love that we are committed to bringing you the ultimate cupcake experience!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 2:02:34 AM

Who is Miss Priss?

You would have to start with the woman who, with determination and relentless drive made the dreams of a little girl into a reality. Karie Foster has always had a passion for cooking and hosting events for her friends and family. For the past 10 years she rode the roller coaster ride of the real estate market. Frustrated by the out of control and uncertain real estate market and shady lending institutions, plus the lack of loyalty from clientele and employer she would say to herself, "there has to be a better way!" She had always dreamed of some day owning her own business, although she had no idea what the business would be and she didn't care! She would say, "as long as it is something I can do that will do two things, a.) Be creative and apply my touch to it, b.) It will make other people happy!"

Her dream would soon become a reality as one weekend in early November, she hosted a close friend's daughter's birthday party. Her friend knew Karie always made awesome birthday cakes and other things and asked if she could make something for her daughter's birthday party. But she did not want the traditional birthday cake and could she do something with a cupcake theme to it?

Could she ever! She made a spectacular cupcake theme that would be a big hit with everyone who attended! But what got Karie's attention was not so much that the kid's loved them was the fact that the adults who attended could not get enough of the cupcakes for themselves! The poor kids never had a chance, because the adults ate all the cupcakes! They were that good!

Surprised by all the fuss these adults made, she would tell her mom and husband about what had happened and how all these parents said they would pay her to make cupcakes for them! The wheels in her head started turning and she got a idea! How about opening a cupcake shop where she could make her cupcakes plus other things she loved growing up as a child? However, due to the struggling economy and presidential election year coming up it probably would not be a good time to open up a new business. With some coaxing from her family and friends that there is never a bad time to follow and pursue your dreams, she decided to go for it.

Little did we know that she already knew what she wanted and how she wanted to do it. She found a cute little store front on a nice little street that would be close to her home so she could take care of her family, which is most important to her. This would also allow her stay involved in the community and her daughter's school.

The concept of Miss Priss came from when she was a little girl and her love for the prissy collector dolls. It would be something that most of us grown ups today can fondly remember and think back on. It was a great idea but not one that the SBA or any financial lenders were willing to get involved in.

Frustrated that no one would help she now was determined to get what she wanted. So with a shoestring budget and help from her mother and husband, she moved forward. She would go online and find the equipment she would need. She got her Uncle Danny, a long time local licensed contractor to do the work necessary to get Miss Priss up to city codes. She was able to seek the support of several friends who also helped in the contruction process that would cut their prices and work with her to see that her project would get off the ground. It took four months from start to finish get Miss Priss to open on May 13th. Not bad for a start up business in a big city like Long Beach. Karie was pleased by all the help and support she received from the City of Long Beach as well and her friends and family! And how is Miss Priss doing? She said "She couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams how great things are going and the fun she is having!"

Miss Priss

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